Storage Paternoster

Foil Storage Paternoster System FPS / Industrial Paternoster

The proven Gottschild Foil Paternoster System FPS are the best storage technology for storing eg. foils for cutting plotter, PVC foils for your 3D furniture fronts production or other rollers. We manufacture the foil roll paternoster storage system to your specifications from 8 up to 40 rolls and for different roll widths from 1000 mm up to 5000 mm. You can store on the paternoster Foils, paper, or whatever you need. On customer request, we also create Foil Roll Paternoster in special sizes and designs in several rows. The Paternoster can be installed by yourself.



Cutting Bar with Ionizing Bar for Foil Storage Paternoster FPS

cutting bar for Foil Paternoster with counter and ionizing bar
Gottschild Foil Paternoster with cutting bar for your cutting plotter
The cutting bar for foil paternoster with counter and ionizing bar is the optimal system for precise cutting of foil strips and removal of electrostatic charge on foil storage paternosters.

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