Sanding and Polishing

Polishing, Buffing and Sanding Machines for lacquered high-gloss furniture, high gloss panel and Corian®

Gottschild Polishing and Sanding Systems offer a wide range of application possibilities, from production of high-gloss furniture components, MDF high gloss panels, cabinet doors to color glass, metal and Corian®.
Depending on which and how many parts you process, Gottschild delivers different systems. Gottschild polishing and sanding systems are an effective alternative to the time-consuming polishing and sanding by hand.
Depending on the model the machine, high-gloss finish of rectangular parts up to 3500 mm x 1600 mm x 100 mm. Through the use of proved polishing and sanding tools an optimal evenly high gloss surface is created.
For contoured parts up to 3500 mm x 1600 mm x 100 mm Gottschild provides a special machine for high gloss finish. This model is capable of “cross-sanding and polishing” which makes it the perfect solution for Corian®.
The heavy load models are the perfect solution for materials like glass, metal or Corian®. These models are capable of sanding and polishing  heavy parts up to 3500 mm x 1600 mm x 100 mm.
Sanding and polishing three dimensional parts like assembled cabinets is a special task. With our models for 3D parts we offer a solution to effortlessly sand and polish your parts to a high gloss finish.