Rectangular Parts

Polishing, Buffing and Sanding Machines for rectangular parts

Depending on which and how many parts you process, Gottschild delivers different systems. Gottschild polishing and sanding systems are an effective alternative to the time-consuming polishing and sanding by hand.



7" Graphical touch interface

The user interface of the Gottschild HBS-System works intuitive and easy. With its graphical touch surface, every parameter is easily adjustable. The build in data memory gives the option to have your finish saved and reproduced for every other piece.

automatic tool height adjustment

All HBS machines come with fully automated tool height adjustment. The system lets you adjust the down force of the tool and adapts it to every given height. Therefore the machine can be loaded chaotic. Even height differences across the surface itself are no problem with this system.

remote maintenance

The Gottschild remote maintenance service is a secure way of providing quick support from one of our experts. From updating your software to helping with in depth questions concerning the operation of our machines. 

oscillation system

To archive the very best finish possible the machine needs to be able to move the tool as chaotic as possible and still sand/polish every part of the surface evenly. The oscillation system adds one more movement which is independently from the others.


second tool bridge

By choosing the option second tool bridge the system is capable of cutting the production time of an “standard” machine in half. Of course all mentioned advantages apply to the second bridge as well.

mechanical tool head oscillation

With the option mechanical tool head oscillation the tool head for sanding and polishing is additionally moved sinusoidal over a 20 mm long translation axis in feed direction of the conveyor belt. These various oscillating linear movements in conjunction with the special pressure control lead to an optimal sanding or polishing pattern. In this way a high quality sanding or polishing surface is produced, as it is usually only achieved at manual workstations.

machine housing (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC)

The machine can be equipped with a machine housing as an Option. 
– Note! – Without option machine housing – the machine is on site safety guard by the customer! Without the option machine housing or safety guard the machine does not comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

vacuum table

The vacuum table gives more security against the twist of small parts. Vacuum Table for small and thin panels. The vacuum table with five rows of holes has a length of 220 mm and a width of 280 mm. The vacuum table is attached under the first tool head and is constructed for connection to the exhaust system.  As another option, the machine can be equipped with a vacuum table over the entire working width. Especially if several small items side by side or very thin parts <6 mm to be processed, this option is recommended. ( No vacuum pump included)
In  addition there is an option for vacuum pump or Side-Channel Compressor for a stronger alternativ to connecting the Vacuum table with the exhaust system.

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