Cleaning / Buffing / Brushing Machines for furniture components

Gottschild’s cleaning / buffing / brushing systems are fully-automated machine for furniture components.The rotating disk system removes the glue overspray from the backs of foil laminated 3D furniture component. Adapts automatically to size and thickness of components, making random feeding possible.
Depending on what type and how many parts you produce, Gottschild will tailor a system to fit your production.

General Data of brushing system BSD

The automatic recognition of size of the furniture front panels enables an adaptation with permanently changing loading without loosing any time in through-feed process. 
Due to the use of a pneumatically controlled brushing unit (height adjustment) the surface of work piece are worked in through-feed so that a processing speed of 7-8 parts/ minute and/ or ca. 3600 pieces per 8 hours is achieved (rectangular parts). Furniture front panels of a thickness of 12 mm – 40 mm are cleaned in through-feed operation by means of the automatic height adjustment.


Pressure rollers for small panels

Pressure rollers for small panels. Without pressure rollers small panels can twist themselves. Machines from other manufacturers have no pressure rollers.

Spiral Brush and Dust Extraction

The surface cleaning unit eliminates disturbing dust and loose glue residues from the back of the furniture front components.

Diagonal Roller Conveyor

The full speed of the brush is only possible if the parts are conveyed in the optimal distance into the machine. The driven roller conveyor separates the panels. Therefore the roller conveyor is controlled by the cleaning machine.
General data of the Diagonal Roller Conveyor:

vacuum table

The combination of vacuum and pressure rollers table gives added security against twisting of small parts when brushing. The vacuum table with five rows of holes has a length of 220 mm and a width of 280 mm. The vacuum table is attached in each case under the first two brushes and is constructed for connection to the exhaust system. ( No vacuum pump )
In  addition there is an option for vacuum pump or Side-Channel Compressor for a stronger alternativ to connecting the Vacuum table with the exhaust system.

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